Spanish-English translation and editing

Supporting your company’s success with precise technical documents and polished corporate communications


My name is Deepti Limaye, and I am a Spanish-English translator who specializes in producing and polishing technical documents and corporate communications.

I am a native English speaker with formal training and professional experience in engineering and translation. This background gives me an exceptional ability to craft stylish professional communications—and to avoid common pitfalls such as technical inaccuracies, incorrect terminology, and inelegant prose.

As a translator, I work directly with you, the client, in order to provide responsive, personalized service. Unlike many translation agencies, which focus on one-off transactions, I prioritize long-term relationships with my clients. Building these long-term relationships means that I can support you in reaching longer-term goals, help you to achieve a consistent voice and identity in your professional communications, and anticipate and respond to your business needs.

Spanish-English Translation

Maintain your voice and identity in both Spanish and English with carefully crafted translations. I capture the nuance of your original text, while sounding natural in the target language.


Ensure that your copy is word perfect before publishing your document. I can improve structure and flow of ideas to help your message have the desired impact.

Additional Services

Enhance your communications with my additional services. I can provide versatile linguistic support for a range of tasks, such as adapting documents for a different purpose or preparing a précis.