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I’ve always had two passions: math and languages. The first passion drove me to earn a degree in mechanical engineering from Dalhousie University, and to work in manufacturing, oil and gas, and structural engineering. The second passion led me to take a reprieve from working to study Spanish and to travel in 2008. That reprieve turned into a journey of several years, during which I studied Spanish and volunteered in Ecuador, taught English in Spain, and took advanced Spanish classes.

Having grown up in a dual-language household and studied Arabic, French, German, and Norwegian, I had always been fascinated by different cultures and approaches to communication. As I focused more seriously on my studies in Spanish, I also became increasingly fascinated with the grammatical and structural aspects of language—and I started to seek a new career that would allow me to combine my passions in a practical, applied way.

After speaking to professionals in the field, I realized that a career in translation and interpretation would be an ideal match to my skills and interests. I went on to earn a Master of Arts in Translation and Interpretation (Spanish-English) from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. I now combine my two interests to provide precise and polished language services for technical companies.